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5 Reasons to Sign Up Your Child for RSPW Football

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Do you have a 6-8 year old that wants to play tackle football but you aren’t quite sure? Well, here are five reasons to join the world’s leading football program:

1. Free Registration! – RSPW has a corporate sponsor that has offered to pay the registration fee for any 6-8 year old athlete that has never played football.

2. Safety First – Pop Warner player safety is guided by our Medical Advisory Committee at a national level. We have a team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, sports medicine professionals, pediatricians, and researchers. They advise us on ways to make football safer and better for our youth.

3. Three point stance – With Safety in mind, Pop Warner has eliminated the three-point stance in the youngest levels changing how offensive and defensive lineman engage in contact after the ball has snapped.

4. Kickoffs – Pop Warner has eliminated kickoffs for 10U and below, aiming to reduce the amount of full speed, head-on impact in games.

5. Player Contact – Pop Warner limits contact in practice to 25% to decrease potential for injury.

We encourage you to sign-up today! Please feel free to reach out to RSPW with any questions at

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