Welcome to 2022 RSPW season!!

Welcome to the new Reno Sparks Pop Warner Season!

As we get started, there are a few tips/rules to remember:

  1. HAVE LOTS OF WATER FOR YOUR KID, PLEASE. It is very hot and they need hydration.

  2. Please remind your athletes to pick up after themselves at any practice field or game field. It is a privilege to use the fields and we don’t want to lose that.

  3. Just a reminder no metal cleats.

  4. If purchasing your player’s mouthpiece, Pop Warner rules are they have to have a strap and always be attached to your child’s helmet at all times or your child will not be able to play.

  5. We are not allowed to have any PETS at any of our Pop Warner events so please keep them at home!

  6. If you are missing any gear, please let your team business manager know.

We thank you in advance for your help in following the above. We look forward to another successful season!!

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